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Rock Eel Digital

We're easy to talk with and easy to work with! Our small business solutions are geared for ‘solopreneurs’ and startups, up to 250 peeps. See our Spectrum of Solutions for resources appropriate for larger firms.

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Linked In: Linked-In connect to Matt Weilert & Twitter:
Phone: +1-847-227-3006 (Int'l)
Phone: +1-866-288-0530 (North America)

Email: Rock Eel Digital

Snail Mail: PO Box 151, Cedar Creek, TX 78612 USA


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Responsive Mobile-friendly Websites

So You Want a Mobile-friendly Web Site?
Yes | No

You've Come to the Right Place to Cook up a Site
for Your Small Business or Professional Practice.

Zurb's Flexible Grid

…adapts to any size screen, from phones to TVs.

Rapid Prototyping

Dozens of basic ingredients to help you go from sketch to full meal deal for your clients.

Multi-Device Mobility

Quickly put together layouts that work on any and all devices.


How do we bake mobile-friendly into people-friendly?

We put your site where your audience is.

  • 46% of mobile web users are unlikely to return to a website that they had trouble accessing from their phone
  • 57% are unlikely to recommend the site
  • yet 77% of top North American companies across multiple verticals have websites that are not mobile-friendly. (Compuware 2011)


Like a cooking show where the dish is prepared in stages, so you can understand and follow along; Zurb has created some common layouts for you to start from so you can cook up your site faster.

Go to Zurb's Templates

What's Your Time Worth?

How much do you gain by getting faster results in your business? What if we could help you ready a web site for launch in four hours! rather than the 5-6 months for simple sites typical of a boutique web designers’ timeframe?

What's in the workshop?

The Morning half

We'll cover the 7 key elements in building a mobile-friendly web site, guiding you every step of the way. We learn from our mistakes and we help others, so Failure is not on the menu at the Rock Eel Café.

In the afternoon

A few very lucky people (hopefully YOU!) get a cooking-show style experience of actually constructing their small-biz mobile-friendly site with the Foundation responsive web framework (free to download & use! ).



Roll Up Your Sleeves, Let's Cook!

Have you noticed that your web site doesn't look good on your phone? Or, do you realize to be competitive, you need a web site but you just don't have the time for all that tech stuff?
Rock Eel Digital, part of the Rock Eel Café is here to help! By focusing on the essentials and staging the work like a cooking show, we'll help you launch your very own basic business website, with the 7 key mobile-friendly attributes, in less time than you probably spent on facebook last week! With your web chef and workshop guide, Matt Weilert, we'll have lots of fun in the process of working smart, not just hard. Are you up for the challenge?

Who is Rock Eel Digital?

We're not new to the web, Chef Matt has had a hand in cooking up websites since 1996! Our primary business in helping people increase their capacity to discover the risks in their organizations, teams and businesses. We're passionate about equipping people to do a better job before events occur, rather than a great job of disaster recovery. At the solo practice|small firm level, the most obvious risk is people not knowing about you! Mobile-friendly, responsive web sites go a long way to solving that, in your local markets.
For the small practice, web development is most often best outsourced, not to a web jockey, rather to a firm with the cross-disciplinary skills to understand:

  • the language of your business, without glossing over the nuances that distinguish you as an independent professional
  • the vital attention to detail required for your client's success
  • the up-to-date best practices in the world of internet communications.

Because our level of attention to detail is so much more robust that much of the web industry, some of those 17-year-old sites Rock Eel has developed have stood the test of time very well.


What We'll Cover:

Hour 1: Load, validate, mock-up (paper sketch to wireframe to working draft site!)
1.1: Foundation3 & Text Editor (their choice) intro 1–1:20
1.2: Pick Template and rough position text 1:20–1:40
1.3: Customize Menus 1:40–2
Hour 2: Apply Finesse
2.1: Apply Device-specific fixes 2–2:20
2.2: Apply Modals 2:20–2:40
2.3: Apply Rotating Title Content (if desired) 2:40–3
Hour 3: Eval using teams of 3, cycle through, generate punch list & action plan
3.1: A team mate reviewed by mates B, C 3–3:20
3.2: B team mate reviewed by mates C, A 3:20–3:40
3.3: C team mate reviewed by mates A, B 3:40–4
Hour 4: Finish & Launch!
4.1: Apply changes per punch list 4–4:20
4.2: Load & confirm functionality, update as required 4:20–4:40
4.3: Validate across platforms and go live! 4:40–5

To Qualify:

An event is more than the sum of the people who participate. This day-long workshop has two parts:

  • the morning part where we learn the basics together of what makes a web site mobile friendly,
  • and the afternoon part, where we work together to help each other reach the close of the session with our mobile-friendly, 2-page basic small business web sites, complete and ready to load on your own domain.

Your fellow participants expect that you will show up ready to work and actively participate in both sessions. After you sign-up (Click the button above and a secure form will pop-up. Don't worry, it's credit-card safe.), we'll send you a checklist of items to have complete and ready to go the day of your session. We give you this checklist so that you bring all the ingredients you need for success in cooking up your own mobile-friendly web site.

Tuition: $595/person

Payments are handled securely by Spacebox and Stripe, so your credit card details never touch our servers.

Sign-up Here

  1. K-I-S-S (Nielson-Norman web writing guidelines)
  2. Responsive framework (design once, display many)
  3. Inspire (delight in the details, deliver the fundamentals)
  4. Design right then Test, test (did I mention test?)
  5. Play it again, Sam (layered content in bite-size chunks people can digest and understand on the go)
  6. Think of "all audiences" (508-compliance, disability-friendly)
  7. Maintain & grow



Enthusiasm & Character

I'm a service provider and Matt is my customer. I've worked with Matt enough to understand that the challenges of his job require much more than his impressive technical aptitude. Matt has a motivation and a focus that enables him to process vast amounts of complex information. He's adept at identifying underlying structure and organizing material into a meaningful output. I know this because I help him package it. Matt immediately notices things that could be improved. I've seen him adjust an approach because the change benefits the intended audience. I'm grateful when given the opportunity to work with a person who demonstrates enthusiasm and character in his or her work. And Matt has these qualities.

Andy Peterson, Graphic Information Specialist, Twin Cities.

Inspire & motivate

Designing my new website with Matt was a very pleasant and productive experience. He did a great job of focusing my attention on the text and the message, and he offered constructive input and content for consideration. He provided inspiration and motivation for something that I had avoided for a long time — not because I didn't want a website, but because it seemed too daunting a task to even begin. Thanks to Matt, I was able to finish up the process and accomplish something that had been on my list of goals for months. I would recommend him for his literary talents as well as his technical talents.

Cindy Smiley, Environmental & Water Rights Attorney,




~ Shannon

a business visionary

~ Tyler

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Phone: +1-847-227-3006 (Int'l)
Phone: +1-866-288-0530 (North America)